" Revolutionise your energy management with the SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electric Timer "

Secure Your Home and Business with the SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electric Timer.

As our reliance on technology continues to grow, the safety of our homes and workplaces has never been more important. Incidents of battery overheating are on the rise, representing a serious threat to the safety of our property and loved ones. Fortunately, the SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electrical Programmer offers an innovative and effective solution to prevent these risks, guaranteeing unrivalled peace of mind.

  • Advanced Fire Risk Prevention

The SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electrical Programmer is designed to limit the risk of fire at source. By intelligently regulating the power supply to your appliances, it effectively prevents overheating that can occur, particularly when recharging batteries. This proactive energy management significantly reduces the risk of fire, protecting your home, family and business investments.

  • Cutting-edge technology for optimum safety

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electrical Programmer automatically detects and adjusts energy consumption, preventing overloads and overheating. This continuous monitoring ensures that all your appliances operate in optimal conditions, extending their lifespan while keeping your environment safe.

  • Peace of mind at all times

With the SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electric Timer, go to work or on holiday knowing that your home is protected against the risk of fire from overheating batteries. Our system allows you to control and programme the power to your appliances, giving you complete peace of mind wherever you are.

  • Commitment to safety

We're committed not only to providing you with a cost-effective solution to reduce your electricity bills, but also to ensuring the safety of your environment. The SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electrical Programmer is the result of many years of research and development, aiming to offer a complete solution that meets today's energy management needs while prioritising the safety of our customers.

  • Key features

Flexible Programming: Schedule your electrical appliances to run only when you need them, reducing energy wastage.
Control and manage your electrical appliances, at any time.

Consumption Tracker: Track your energy consumption, enabling you to identify where and how you can save more.

Easy Installation: You don't need to be an expert to install our timer. In just a few simple steps, turn your home or office into a smart space. 


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"Discover ultimate control and energy savings at your fingertips." 

 With electricity prices rising significantly in the UK, the need to manage our energy consumption effectively has never been more critical. Households and businesses nationwide are increasingly feeling the pressure of rising costs, desperately looking for ways to reduce their expenditure without compromising their comfort or productivity. In this tense economic climate, the SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electric Programmer emerges as a lifeline, offering a tangible and immediate solution to the challenges we face

Precision-engineered to offer unprecedented control and unrivaled ease of use, the Electrical Programmer represents the pinnacle of innovation in energy management. Thanks to its advanced features, it allows users to take total control of their energy consumption and decide when and how their electrical appliances are powered. This ability to customize ensures that energy is used most efficiently, minimizing waste and maximizing savings. The importance of this technology must be considered in the current climate. As electricity prices continue to rise, the ability to precisely program energy use is becoming a matter of convenience and an economic necessity. The SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electric Timer offers UK homes and businesses an opportunity to reduce their electricity bills significantly

By allowing users to set schedules for switching appliances on and off, the programmer ensures that energy is only consumed when necessary, eliminating unnecessary costs associated with unmonitored energy consumption.

In addition, the SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electrical Programmer's intuitive user interface ensures that everyone, from homeowners to business managers, can easily configure and adjust settings to meet their specific needs. This accessibility, combined with the power of control offered, makes the SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electrical Programmer an indispensable tool for anyone navigating today's challenging economic landscape of rising electricity prices

The SAFE CHARGE Pro™ Electric Timer presents itself as a solution to Britain's immediate energy cost crisis and a step towards more sustainable and conscious management of our energy resources. By adopting this technology, homes and businesses can anticipate significant reductions in their bills and contribute to the collective effort needed to navigate towards a more stable and sustainable energy future.


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